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  • Victor Orozco

Introduction to Short Stories

I am fully convinced that the culture of wine no longer belongs to wine-producing countries, nor is it the private property of the privileged, much less something exclusive to intellectuals or those with great palate and exquisite taste.

Similarly, it seems to me, that the “adjusted” geography of the traditional wine making countries, which established that good wines could only be produced within certain latitudes, stopped being an accepted truth. The new wine world map has no boundaries, cultural traditions, or gastronomic limitations.

The wine is, above all, a combination of delicious aromas and flavors that well deserve a good culinary response but can be enjoyed anywhere in the world.

One thing remains intact: the more we know wine, the more we will like it. Our ability to choose the appropriate wine and, in one or two sips, recognize its strengths and weaknesses, without a doubt will always contribute to our pleasure in its consumption.

Moreover, regardless of whom we are or our level of success, wine knowledge inevitably serves to make us sound educated, sophisticated and "well-traveled". Speaking intelligently about wine is no longer considered snobbery.

The following short stories, personal anecdotes about wine are intended not only to entertain my fellow wine enthusiasts, but also to awaken and incite the curiosity of today's generation, who are more interested than ever in wine.

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