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More than 40 years of 


to share with you


"Wine is not something above your intelligence and your senses.

The real goal is to understand a wine, not to unmask it. It is not about a grape, a region, or a vintage.

This is what I call The Concept of Wine"



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Victor Orozco has been a Sommelier since 1976. An instant wine lover, trained in all things related to wine and its appreciation, he reached a level of knowledge and experience that somehow stopped being just a profession, to become more of a hobby and a true passion. That took him to a Sommelier Certification by the Court of Master Sommeliers, and later a Wine Location Specialist (WLS) certified by the CIVC and the IVDP of Champagne and Port.


He also had the privilege of being inducted as an honorary member of the two most important wine societies in France: The Commanderie de Bordeaux (1986), and the Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin (2004), in Bordeaux and Burgundy respectively.


Being a Sommelier gave Victor the opportunity to work for many prestigious restaurants and establishments around the country, as well as the distinct honor to write for different wine publications within the States and other countries. The last 13 years he has been dedicated to consulting and wine education, first at Culinary Institutions overseas, and then teaching at Napa Valley College.


More recently, he has been in charge of hosting wine events and private tastings at Wineries around Napa Valley. Today he continues in a role as a wine master where his main interest is to share his extensive knowledge and experience through educational wine classes and tastings. A larger goal is, more than anything else, reaching to an audience interested in becoming wine-confident and ready to embark on a deeper exploration of the exciting world of wine, or what Victor calls "The Concept of Wine".

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